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For over the last quarter of a century our Made in the USA handcrafted wood flyfishing landing nets and other products have provided fly fishers the finest in quality and innovation. Our products utilize only the finest in American hardwoods, a U.V. resistant marine grade finish and now a wide selection of fish friendly catch and release bags. Located in St. Paul, TX our quality handcrafted flyfishing landing nets are designed to provide exceptional service and pride of ownership.

We offer three separate flyfishing landing net series (Guide, Master and Outfitter), all of which are steam bent for strength and durability. The models included in each net series have the largest selection of specially chosen wood handles. All our Master & Guide nets come equipped with our Net-Quick Magnetic Release and the Outfitter series includes a standard Net-Quick Release. Also, you can add our Net-Quick Lanyard to help keep your net attached securely to you. In addition to our fish friendly Micro-Mesh and our Clear Injected Molded PVC bag we are now offering our Clear Ultra-Lightweight Highly Flexible MRB [Molded Rubber Bags].

Clear MRB Molded Bag
Clear PVC Injection Molded Bag

For the fly fisher wanting the ultimate premium flyfishing landing net, look to our Custom Shop and the widest selection of premium burled and fancy woods along with unique personalized design options to order your net.

See our Ready to Ship Nets page in the Custom Shop to order a net already finished and ready to go.

If you do not find a net you want in the Ready To Ship, contact the shop for a quote to build your special net.

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